Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning can be sweet!

The "Sap to Syrup" group at Robinson has been hard at work!  Our afternoon time flies by as we collect sap, boil it, learn more information about maple sugaring on the internet, and just recently conduct a science experiment.  Our question is, "Do all liquids evaporate at the same rate?"  The group's hypothesis is that no, they don't all evaporate at the same rate.  They believe that thicker liquids (like maple syrup) will evaporate slower than liquids that aren't as thick (like sap).  Below are a couple pictures of our first day of data collection.  So far their hypothesis seems to be true!

A highlight of our time together was a trip to a neighbor's maple sugaring operation.  What a treat!  The students were given a detailed explanation of how syrup is made and were allowed samples of syrup and sugar on snow for tasting (by far the best part!).  They showed their appreciation by refilling the woodpile--an important job when you're making maple syrup! 

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