Friday, May 16, 2014

Patterns and weaving at Robinson!

Students have been having a blast learning all about patterns and weaving at Robinson.  Patterns can be found everywhere and it's fun to create your own! Check out some of their beautiful work!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's Magic!

Our BES Scholars club continues to work really hard to complete their weekly homework assignments each workshop.  Kids are working on challenging writing prompts, poetry, and math each and every session with the help of instructors Kara Rublee, and Jackie Raymond.
  At the end of every workshop this session students are learning about illusions as they learn really cool magic tricks.  In this image below you will see how kids turned pennies into nickels.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Robinson's Budding Ornithologists

Robinson has gone to the birds these days--at least for a small group of K-2 students!  They've only been hard at work for one week and they've already learned some of the common birds of Vermont, the parts of a bird's body, and what makes a bird different from any other animal (FEATHERS!).  Of course, the highlight of each workshop is the time that is spent outside looking for birds.  Here is a student working hard to spot a feathered friend using his newly made binoculars.  So far, the group has spotted several chickadees.  They are looking forward to seeing other types of birds this week!


Thursday, May 1, 2014


Session 6 is off and running at BES! We have 4 fabulous workshops this session including African Dance, Joy of Nature, Yoga, and Scholars Club. Here are some photos of students enjoying their first day of workshops this past Tuesday.

In our Yoga workshop, the students work on a breathing exercise where they lay on their stomachs and try to use their breath to blow a lightweight ball around the circle. What a neat and fun way to improve breath control! 

In Scholars Club each week, after completing homework assignments and projects, students gather and learn how to do a basic magic trick. Students receive a list of instructions, which they must read, explaining how the trick is done, and then they practice performing the trick. These students really dazzle!

In their first class with African Dancer extraordinaire, Soriba Camara,  these students learn the basic steps and movement to the Kuku, a traditional Guinean dance. After learning different steps, students participate in a cultural exploration of Guinean drumming and culture. Students enthusiastically learned a typical Guinean greeting, " Wontanara!!" Which means, " We are together, we are a family!"

Aren't they fantastic?

Stay tuned for pictures from our Joy of Nature workshop. The student were so busy exploring outside that we weren't able to snap any pictures!  Can't wait to see the fun learning they have planned this session!