Thursday, July 9, 2015

Welcome to the BES Summer Expanded Learning Program!

Here, at BES, you will find students anxiously engaged in learning!! Our first full week has come and gone, and during that week we have seen students learn much about nature which is our overall theme for these summer workshops. Each of our Academic Instructors have taken that theme and created a focus that is tailored to their specialty and workshop. Here is a quick snapshot of what that has looked like in each of our four workshops this week! 

Jackie, our Math/Science specialist had students research and create a powerpoint about nature and what may affect nature. She also worked with students to recreate what happens when a cloud becomes full of water...precipitation! 

Patrick, our Literacy specialist had students create some great field journals to help them record and write about the process of plant growth and creating a garden. Then the students created a small garden out of soil bags and planted some beans and sunflowers in it!

Caitlin, our Wellness specialist worked on the importance of working together and how to play kick ball, which was out culminating project on Friday Fun Day! Students also completed a scavenger hunt of things to find in nature and things to do in nature.

Hillary is our special guest of the week! She is are very own nature specialist! She had students create Nature journals for some wonderful outdoor observations and exploration! They went bug hunting in the back yard and found some very interesting bugs!

Thanks to all those that participated in Expanded Learning Program last week and made it a huge success! 

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