Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marshmallow Architects at LCS!

Ever since they noticed a bag of marshmallows up on one of the shelves in our closet, the kiddos have been asking to do something with them. The time came last Wednesday, when we ripped open several marshmallow bags along with quite a few boxes of make marshmallow structures!

Of course, we had to eat some along on the way to keep our energy up!

It was a great activity to do as a group so we could check out each other's creations and work together to build even bigger structures. It was also an exercise in self-restraint, as the rules were only 10 marshmallows each during ASP hours! It was difficult, but everyone did their best to follow the rule.


This upcoming week, we will planning for our Halloween party on Friday the 30th. All students will have time during the school day on Friday to make masks, which they can show off at ASP when they come. We will be playing games, reading Halloween-themed books, eating brains (spaghetti) and eyeballs (grapes), and have one or two "treat" foods. We will make our own decorations and put together a spooky playlist. We've already begun getting into the spirit of Halloween with a yard-wide zombie game played and created by the kids themselves!

The masked Zombie King strategizes with his minions while the humans scatter along the playground structure, anticipating the chase! If they get caught, they will be thrown into the dungeon (tunnel) and turned into zombies themselves! That is...if they don't escape first!

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