Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I learn. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin

It's been a busy and exciting start to the school year at Robinson Elementary! On September 28th Session 1 of the Expanded Learning Program got under way. We are thrilled to have some well known enrichment leaders back as well as welcoming new faces to the fold!

Mike Gray, a favorite among ELP students, is teaching students in grades 4-6 all about Chess. We have students who are working on their skills and others who are brand new to the age old game. We have a packed workshop filled with 12 students which makes the even number perfect for practice matches!

Grace Freeman, another familiar and loved leader, is running Singing, Storytelling, and Dancing. This workshop will also run in Lincoln and Bristol and all students involved will perform at the Fine Arts Festival at Mt. Abe in the spring. Students have spent time in Starksboro's cemetery exploring their town's past. They have also been practicing square dancing!

Miriam Block is taking 3rd-6th graders through history learning about the culture of mazes and creating their own. They have visited the labyrinth at Common Ground Camp. They have created their own mazes and marble runs and are excited for what else is in store!

Robinson is also welcoming Carolyn Brown as she run the science workshop for 2nd and 3rd graders. They have excitedly built their own boats and tested them against other students' boats. Right now they are in the process of building balloon powered cars which they are over the moon about creating!

Megan Cowette, the Academic Enrichment Coordinator for Robinson Elementary is running a reading and acting workshop for kindergarten and 1st graders! They have read "The Very Cranky Bear" and are now working on creating costumes and learning their lines. They will be performing for the school at MARS on November 11.

Session 1 comes to an end on November 6th and we will start Session 2 on November 9th. We're very proud of all the hard work the students have put in to their workshops so far!

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