Saturday, November 28, 2015

Namaste from Lincoln Community School!

We are thrilled to have Cathy Turner, registered Yoga instructor, teaching Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at the Lincoln Community School through ANESU's  Expanded Learning Program!  This group has been meeting for the last three weeks, learning about different aspects of Yoga in a fun and playful environment.  Here is what Cathy says about their time together:

"Breath in joy, breath out the old, turn to your right and say hello to your neighbor."
This is how we have been beginning most of our yoga classes. Our little yogis have been greeting the sun with full sun salutations, working on "peak" poses and learning how to slow the world around them.
We learned how to connect with our breath by blowing a small pom-pom ball across the floor with a straw. We focused on our balance by walking with a stack of dice on a Popsicle stick held in our mouths and we have been playing "guess the yoga pose" to learn different poses.
There has been a lot of care for what we are doing, for each other and the world around us. Everyone takes delight in describing how good they feel after a pose or how tricky a pose was. Tuning in and taking control of ourselves and our feelings is a huge goal in the yoga classroom.  
After all of our busy yoga we come together to form a star, and take a nice long rest in Savasana to watch our worries fade away.
We end each class with a warm Namaste. Hopefully if you ask your child what it means they will be able to tell you!!!!!

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