Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Session 2 up and running.

Chinese club is getting creative making noise dragons(draco).  
The students at Middlebury College make this workshop fun and diverse. Each student teacher gives their own special flair to the lessons being taught. The kids are very engaged. 

Origami workshop is folding their way to amazing creations. 
  Everyone is engaged and active in learning. They are proud to show what they have made at the end of the workshop. It will be fun to see where there imaginations take them. 

Outdoor club may be small but it is mighty. 
   They are enjoying the outdoors studying trees and leaves. Making books to document what they have discovered seems to be very fun and interesting. Can't wait to see what else they discover. 

Kids are creating textiles with block printing inTraveling Museum/Africian Textiles. 
Using wood blocks and Ink they are creating beautiful little tapestries. Big smiles all around in this workshop watching their creations come together. 

Violin workshop is finding their footing for a great beginning to learning this beautiful instrument
The kids are learning their footing and finding out what size violin works for them they can't wait to get started using the real instruments.

Comic book club is serious business and oh so fun. They are busy creating their own comic books and using their imaginations wildly. Looking forward to the comic con at the end of the session.

Science is discovering new things through hands on trial and error. 
The kids are building boats with recycled parts. Then test to see if it floats. Next test is to see how much weight it can handle. Really cool stuff.

Baking with Bertha is the best. 
The smells of the kitchen make your mouth water before they even hit your mouth. And the taste is even better.

The bells are ringing in winter bells. This group is making beautiful music look forward to their mini concert at the end of the session.

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