Thursday, December 3, 2015

Refreshed and excited after the break at BS.

   The kids are refreshed and excited after the Thanksgiving break. Happy to be back at their workshops and excited to continue the learning.  
    The science club is creating boats that float and bones from plates and cars that roll. They're having a fun time exploring the sciences. Carolyn Brown's creative activities are keeping the kids engaged and focused and psyched to be learning science.
     Comic book club is having a blast creating their own comics and coloring and drawing and thinking about how their superhero comic books might turn out. I hear word they are planning a comic con for the end of this workshop. Matt is a fantastic workshop educator  that makes it a blast for the children to be creative and get lost in their imagination.
    Origami club is having fun in creating their own animals and objects out of plain flat paper. They are excited to come and show what they have made and actually show how to do it too. They are learning great techniques and I can't wait to see all the things they have created at the end. 
    Violin is strumming right along. They all can play a song together stay in tune and on the beat. They are very engaged learners and Susan keeps them focused and enjoying every new aspect that they learn about music , how to stand ,how to hold the instrument and how to behave when playing in front of a crowd. They will be able to put on a fantastic performance at the end of this workshop.
   Baking with Bertha has come up with some great new recipes to cook this workshop. The kids come back with handfuls of treats and stuff they have created on their own with Bertha's help in the kitchen.  Bertha teaches them how to be safe and have fun while making food that your family and friends can enjoy.
   African textiles is engaged and making beautiful pieces of cloth with intricate patterns that they have picked themselves.Miriam Block has let them get creative while having fun getting a little messy. What could be better than that.
    The get outside club gets outside no matter the weather. Inclement weather cannot stop them they are out in the woods for foraging  for new interesting things to find and study. They've built forts, study leaves and made books about trees. For Dan this small group has given him a lot of chances to do some interesting things with them in the great outdoors. 
    The Chinese club is excited about learning Chinese numbers and letters being able to say them and write them. They've been able to make Chinese dumplings in our kitchen and they tasted and looked delicious. Jessica and the students from Middleberry College have been fantastic with our students. The children love to me the college students and ask them questions about life in China and being in America.  
      The Winter Bell group is chiming their way into a beautiful rendition of Carol of the bells. Jen Allred keeps in tune with our beautiful colored bells. And easy to read musical charts that she has made and created. Can't wait to see the final performance.

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