Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 and Ready to Roll

We ended Session II with a great dinner led by the Homesteading workshop! Homesteading leader Becky had her students make each and every item they served to their parents and guests! Mrs. Frazer stopped by to enjoy some of the goodies! I can't believe our two week break went by so fast and we are starting week two of Session III already! 

The rundown:
International Interactions led by Roberta Kinney
Looking, Thinking, and Creating Your Own Art led by Karen McEachen
Beginning Violin led by Susan Mahony
Traveling Museum/ Ancient Egypt led by Miriam Block

Homesteading Part II led by Becky Adams-Rose
Mini Makers led by Megan Cowette
Math Masters Part II led by Sue Bachand

Chess Club led by Mike Gray

We are very lucky to welcome back three of our workshop leaders to offer Part II of their workshops!

As a workshop leader this session I get to see a select group of students twice a week! Mini Makers is a twist on what a makerspace would be if there was one at Robinson! We target Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! The students each week will touch on one of the subjects with a hands on experiment or challenge.

Our first challenge was to create marshmallow/gum drop structures with toothpicks. We learned about what makes a strong base and how that could help our structures become taller. We continued the lesson on the second day experimenting with 3oz cups and popsicle sticks!

Visual art has students using materials they may not be familiar with. They used their imagination and printed paper to create their own scenes. Dylan, on the left, created the woods. Each student had their own scene they created without direction. It is magical to watch their thoughts come out in art form!

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