Monday, January 11, 2016

Session Three begins at LCS!

Session three is off to a great start at the Lincoln Community School!  Four new workshops are being offered this session, including Stories, Stories, and More Stories with Deb Gray, Science Exploratory with Carolyn Brown, Storytelling and Dance with Grace Freeman, and Oceans, Rivers and Lakes with John Amory.  Tae Kwon Do, with Elliot Cluba, also continues to meet every Tuesday.  Check out the pictures from last week!

Tae Kwon Do
The first group of students in Tae Kwon Do (Grades 2-6)

The second group of students in Tae Kwon Do (Grades K/1)

Stories, Stories, and More Stories

A student works on creating his own book.
The group sings a song based on a book they just read.
Students read books connected with the school wide study of France, which will begin later this month. 

Science Exploratory

Students engage in a deep discussion about which materials float when put in water, and why.  They will put their theories to the test when building their own boats!

Storytelling and Dance

Students learn about the history of Lincoln through local text.

The group sings Maple Sweet, which describes the magic of the sugaring season in Vermont.
Students practice square dancing!

Oceans, Lakes and Rivers

A student uses mapquest to study the watersheds of Vermont.

A student begins creating  a 3-D study of the watersheds of Vermont.

Guiding questions and ideas for the workshop.

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