Friday, January 8, 2016

Starting the new year off right at BES

   We are excited that BES is to be able to offer so many wonderful workshops. The kids are excited for the workshops, the educators are excited. it's going to be a fun session.
     Some of the workshops we are offering for this third session is chess, jewelry beading, tai chi, Kitchen  exploration, printmaking, space exploration, dance party, singing, photography and scholarship club for both 5/6 and 3/4. 
     We have also added a bonus workshop called looking thinking and creating your own art.
     The kids are engaged , enjoying and having fun with their new workshops. We couldn't be happier with the group of educators that we have helping us teach these workshops. 
5/6 scholars club

Chess club 
Space exploration 
Singing workshop 

     We are already busy working on our next session workshops. We hope to offer some very fun and exciting new things for kids to do after school with their expanded learning. 

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