Thursday, February 25, 2016

BES is already cruising along in our 4th session

Bristol Elementary School is excited to start their fourth session of the extended learning program. We are excited to be hosting the 4–5-6 grade play this session we have about 31 kids signed up for that. The play is the "Granny awards". Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun for all involved. The play will also run through our next session until the opening night.
      The kids are very engaged in the workshops we have offered the session.             We are offering tai chi with Nancy McLaren for kids in kindergarten through second grade it is a large group but all involved are excited to learn a new thing.
    As always we offer a scholarship club for kids in third grade through fourth grade they get to do their homework and reading. When they're all done that they do some fun experiments and exciting things that they can learn and have fun with.
       We are excited to have Shawn Kimball back with us the session teaching film production for four through six graders they are learning what it takes to put on a whole film production/ movie with the lighting ,sound effects ,makeup and much more I'm excited to see what they come up with for their end product. 
       Mckinzie Gilbert the dance team coach at Mt. Abraham  has graced us with her presence this session teaching dance team to two different groups. Fourth through six and K through third graders. They are having fun learning the choreographed dance routines and all the different moves with fun music. The smiles and giggles coming from dance team tells me they're all having a great time. 
        The jewelry club is making beautiful jewelry for the age group of kindergarten through second grade learning dexterity with fingers and patience I'm getting beads onto small wires is a good skill to learn. They are coloring their own beats and then making jewelry out of that. This little group enjoys taking jewelry home for their families. 
       The trivia club is conquering some hard questions. By the end of the session they hope to be able to answer many questions that most people don't know the answers to. They like to challenge themselves and they are coming up with questions of their own to be able to challenge other with their knowledge. 
        We have been blessed to have Bertha Allen had bestowed her kitchen knowledge on our children throughout our four workshop so far. She is doing kitchen exploration with three through six graders and they seem to be having a great time in the kitchen making delicious things to take home and try. 
       In a collaboration with the Bristol recreation department we are offering Thursday pottery. At the clay studio in Bristol.
     We are already busy filling up the workshops for our last and final fifth session for this year. We will be having some repeats like dance team trivia scholars club. We hope to have a lot of new and exciting things to try to. The play also will be going through our fifth session. Look forward to seeing more and more kids join our program for us for more exciting learning opportunities.  

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