Monday, July 25, 2016

Hidden Talents Discovered in Starksboro!

One of the most rewarding parts of running a program involving children is unearthing their hidden talents.
During Week 3 I found out that the 3/4 group had built their very own town in the outdoor classroom space. They created homes, a meeting space, and a hotel for guests. They also created their own sets of laws for their village. The most fascinating part of the whole village is that John, the Health and Wellness teacher, did not give any instructions for the project. The campers vision became a reality because of teamwork and collaboration!

Laws of the village. Created by campers.

Woodland House

Personal home in the village


Woodland House
                      Woodland Homes
Lydia, our Literacy educator, unearthed campers abilities to create woodland structures. Students made lists of possible materials they could forage for outside. The spent time inside gluing moss, stones, flower, sticks, and leaves together to create very unique structures.

Students who were unsure about their skills quickly became master builders. Their ideas evolved over the week and the final products were intricate and exciting.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Skyler and Ashley joined us this week to bring the drama! In 4 days they had the 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 group rehearsed and ready to share their adapted plays for family and friends! Some of the campers are ready for the real stage! They will get a chance to have their acting skills shown to the public when their film is shown in Bristol on Friday, August, 5th!

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