Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer School?!

The thought of going to school during the summer automatically makes most kids' stomachs turn. The Expanded Learning Program aims to alter that image. The ELP staff at Robinson Elementary is proud to be a part of that change. This summer, for the first time, all five schools that are a part of ANESU are offered a chance to participate in the ELP summer program.  

Summer ELP started on July 5th with 24 eager students. The first day flew by and had kids wondering how it was already time to leave. It seems like we hooked them day one! They may not have been so willing if it was not for the incredible educators we have on-board this summer. Lydia Davison comes to us from Beeman and is taking a creative, inventive approach to literacy. We welcome back Nancy Hellen who has the kids catching water bugs down in Lewis Creek and testing out flying machines in the classroom. John Amory, a familiar face around Robinson is getting the kids moving in Health and Wellness. We also have a a group of rotating specialists teaching science, film, and theater! 

Sean Kimball can be seen here teaching students the finer skill of boom operation during filming. All of the students were able to take turns during skits. Hopefully they will be able to use the skills learned with Sean in combination with their skills learned during Theater!

 On Friday of the first week we took the kids to Lewis Creek and spent time exploring. Nancy led science class in the creek. John played group games in the field. Sean had kids dunking the GoPro underwater to film the flow of the creek. One of the best parts of Vermont is using the landscape around us to learn!

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