Monday, August 1, 2016

Where Has the Time Gone?

Week 4 has quickly come to a close. Perhaps time flew by because of all the activities campers were engaged in from drop off to pick up!

During week 4 our specialists, Skyler and Ashley, Shawn, and Mr. Black, rotated between Monkton, Bristol, and Robinson schools. Here, at Robinson, we welcomed Shawn on Monday, Ashley on Tuesday, Ashley and Skyler Wednesday, Skyler and Shawn Thursday, and Mr. Black on Friday.
Our main goal this week was to cast, practice, and film for our showing at Holley Hall on August 5th. Skyler  and Ashley prepped the kiddos on Wednesday and Skyler and Shawn filmed on Thursday!    

Shawn had 6 crew members to assist him during filming. They all had the chance to get behind the camera, use the boom, and direct! It was a great opportunity that is not often offered. 

Baxter Dressed as an Ogre! 

 Many of the campers did not have specific costumes for their roles. Baxter, the emperor turned ogre, was lucky enough to have a nice face mask double as his ogre skin! T

Throughout this entire practice and filming schedule the kids have mastered patience, flexibility, and professionalism on a film set! They sure did meet, and exceed our expectations for them!

We  welcomed back Mr. Black on Friday. The                     kiddos in all three groups created Elephant Toothpaste. They learned about chemical reactions  and about safety around chemicals. The wild chemistry experiments that Mr. Black helps them with are truly explosive!

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