Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hello, hello!

The After School Program has been underway since the first day of school and each day has flown by! It is amazing to think that Thanksgiving break is right around the corner!

Every afternoon at ASP is a little bit different and a little bit the same. We welcome kiddos into the Multipurpose Room right after school at 3:00 and remain open until 5:30. ASP allows working parents the opportunity to keep their children on site and not have to find alternative childcare. ASP also allows students to join just for the fun of it all! It's always great when kids show up "just because."

Students are served snack at 3:10 and again at 4:30. We are fortunate enough that we usually get leftovers from lunch which are always homemade by our wonderful school chef, Lea! Students are able to socialize during snack while keep the energy in the MP room medium to low.

Once snack is finished we head right outside. The weather afforded to us at the end of Summer and through Fall has been spectacular. Up until the beginning of this month we spent all afternoon until 5:30 outside. Kids were able to bring coloring materials and Legos outside if they chose. Others chose to play marathon long soccer and basketball games.

The greatest part of ASP is the imaginative play and organic interactions that are able to take place in this setting. K-6 grade students participate daily in ASP. It is wonderful to see the connections that can and are made across grade levels. Lincoln is a special school to be a part of and a true community!

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