Thursday, November 17, 2016

Session 2: Off to a Great Start!

Session Two for Beeman has begun! We are hosting a card club run by Mr. Flood and a “Travel to Africa” club hosted by Stowe Miller. We are feeling so blessed to have two amazing teachers and two AWESOME workshops again at Beeman.

This week students acclimated to their new groups, some students joined us from session one and some students are new to the crew, we are so excited to have so many people interested! In this first week students in the card club set expectations for how to deal with both winning and losing a game. Following this they learned a great new game called “Snap” and played as a whole group. It was great to see students developing strategy and noticing patterns in the game.

In “Travel to Africa” students read an African story, worked on some basic African language and made Zulu masks. Students kept track of new language in personal journals and colored in African designs. Students enjoyed examining the African flag and learning about a new culture!

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