Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Beeman Week 4


We are off to a great start this week! Spanish students have been learning some new songs and have moved on to speaking in partial phrases. Today we talked about being at the beach, it is a distant memory for most of us at this point! I was really excited to hear many students come in today and share “I can count to ten and more in Spanish”. It is so awesome to see students so excited about learning something new AND taking the initiative to apply it beyond their time here in expanded learning, awesome!

Visiting the chess and scrabble club today I was very excited to see many serious faces that were absolutely focused on their game. Students are truly versed in the rules and strategies of the game now and when you walk in they hardly notice that you are there! It was really neat to see students studying each other and trying to plan or predict their partner’s next move.These students families will have a true expert in the house with a good way to pass the cold winter days ahead.






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