Friday, December 16, 2016

Beating the Temps :)

Brrr! This week we had our first day where we were not able to go outside due to the below zero temperatures... Fortunately we had our awesome teachers leading us in alternative activities that helped us to forget the cold! Mr. Flood's group focused on students selections this week and I was excited to get in on a very boisterous game of UNO. Students have grown really close in this small group of students, many of whom have been in both sessions one and two. They are courteous and positive about both winning and losing and have gained some serious skill since the fall, bravo!

Africa put the finishing touches on their drums this week and made some seriously cool art! They used their hands to print on black paper and then filled in the hands with designs similar to parts of Southern Africa where this is a large part of their culture and their style.

Both groups are really looking forward to next week when we will join together and share games and songs from our workshops this session!

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