Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buzz Around Beeman

One of my favorite things about ELP is the chance to get to know students I don't have the privilege of working with in my 1 / 2 classroom... AND listening to all of the excitement that ELP students bring to each workshop. It is impossible not to be excited this time around if you are an ELP participant. This sessions workshop leaders are truly fantastic and leading groups that are both engaging and productive! Students leave each session feeling like something has truly been accomplished and they have had something to show for it at the conclusion of each week. Whether it be a script, a shelter, a fairy house, a new survival skill or some acquired knowledge of how to handle a camera Beeman students have lots to be enthusiastic about. 

Almost better than seeing their eager faces at the end of each Tuesday / Thursday schooldays is hearing the conversations that students are having with their peers. 

"Have you SEEN the sweet shelters in the forest?!" said one 5th grade boy to another
"No! Will you show me at recess?"

I cannot tell you how much of a SMILE this brings to my face. I love the way each student is fully engaged in workshop time, but hearing students who aren't even in the program get excited about what we are working on is sincerely music to my ears. 

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