Thursday, January 12, 2017

Session 3 Kicks Off!

"You are in Alaska on a snowmobiling trip when suddenly your equipment breaks down. A storm is coming and you must make shelter..." These are the opening words of the Outdoor Excursion Club... The students are absolutely riveted and eager to hear their role in this exciting story. Session three leader Jared Danyow assigns them to build shelters in teams with a set of expectations. The shelter must have a fire pit, room for at least two people, have a designated sleeping area, a walkway and insulation. Students dove into this with both feet and have spent this week eagerly erecting their shelters. We are off to a great and exciting start!

Meanwhile in film club... Students are creating their very own characters to cast in a collaborative movie. As I came into this session I was guided there by the animated voices of children interjecting their ideas in a rapid fire succession. Shawn handles this eager group with a calm demeanor and a strong sense of humor. It is sincerely a delight to sit in on this group of grade 3-6 students who are all eagerly imagining a script and film that we can't wait to see!

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