Friday, January 20, 2017

Session 3 Off To A Running Start!

We've Hit The Ground Running!!!

Session 3 kicked off last week and I can't say how awesome it's been thus far!  We've got some great new workshops running this session that kids are really excited about.  

Margot Schips and Lisa Daudon have been leading a knitting class that has students creating pot holders and slippers!

Taylor Hutchinson has got a young bunch of stargazers learning all about the myths that make up our night sky.  Just today we heard a wonderful Iroquois myth about the creation of the Milky Way.

Grace Freeman is keeping kids on their toes with with some fun and freaky science experiments in Magic of Science.  They've made all sorts of creations from slime to silly puddy.

Masa Kayoi is leading a wonderful mindfulness workshop that has the kids doing origami and finding their inner animal.  

And Kerry Lake is helping kids discover their culinary greatness in What's In My Pizza?

Check out these awesome kids having a blast at ELP!

Kids start getting slimy in Grace Freeman's Magic of Science.

A fleet of young knitters hone their craft with Margot and Lisa.

An afternoon of molding brings out some mysterious creations!

CRUNCH!  What's In My Pizza led by Kerry Lake gets serious on some cukes!
An ELP Classic rolls on as kids munch their way through the world of Chesssssss.

Mere mortals are forgotten as these kiddos craft new star gazing myths!
Stay tuned for more madness from the Kids of ELP as Session 3 rolls on!

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