Monday, February 13, 2017

        Mid Session at Bristol

This time in our workshops tends to be the sweet spot for every body.  We are a few weeks in and it is so fun to watch the students hit a comfortable stride. They are settling into their most creative and expressive selves and it is showing!!!

Shawn Kimbal is leading a film workshop where the children wrote, and are now performing in their own feature film. The excitement is palpable!!!!!

Across the hall Kristi Bedard is leading a Reuse, Recycle, Create art class where the students use recycled materials to let their imagination run wild. Cities are being built, games are being created, there is even a few fairy houses being built!

In the library, sounds of the violin are beginning to take shape. These students have been working very hard on their form and tone. Catch them for a short performance this Friday at 2:10pm at our monthly Celebration of Learning!

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