Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Wonder of Watercolors

Students at LCS have been busy watercoloring this winter!  We have been reading several books by Holly Hobbie, including Toot & Puddle, where the brave and daring Toot travels around world and writes home to tell his best pal Puddle all about his wonderful adventures.

Students were asked to think of an adventure that they have been on to create their own "Adventure Painting"!  Some of their adventures include sliding down the slides at Jay Peak water park, going down the slide at Button Bay State Park for the first time, exploring a hot tub at a hotel, and many, many more!  (Can you tell that we are dreaming of warmer weather?!)  

Students practiced sketching their outlines first with pencil, going over their lines with Sharpie, and then filling it in with watercolors.  Students shared their completed pieces with each other and had the chance to ask questions or give comments.

Next project, "Animal Painting"...!!!

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