Saturday, March 11, 2017

Starksboro's Latest Additions to ELP

Poetry and Creative Writing, Board Games, and Mindfulness

Even though it was a short week I was lucky enough to sit in on some our latest additions to ELP.  We were able to entice some kids that have yet to sign up for a workshop this year to give it a go which is a sign that our leaders are doing something right!  That is one of the things I think is so cool about ELP, we can bring in in excited, talented people from the community to share their skills and wisdom.  I especially enjoy when we get a new leader, as we often do, who doesn't work with kids very often.  They are usually a bit intimidated at first but the curious energy of their students easily gets them on track and they light up as they begin to share their craft or passion.  

Grant gets the kids settled in for a meditation.
A couple of our new leaders are experiencing this new found joy of teaching children including Grant Jakubowksi in his Meditation and Mindfulness workshop.  Grant has a background in reiki, botany, and meditation coaching.  He has found great ways to relate to his students and on Wednesday this week led them in a 30 minute guided meditation.  We look forward to seeing how the rest of the workshop goes!

Sabrina and Tristan dissect an intriguing chapter.
We've also kept Sabrina Valdez on our team as the leader of her Writing and Poetry Club.  Sabrina was a huge help with the day to day duties during Session 3 and she's now keeping kids riveted with classic novels and playful poems.  I love seeing kids pick up right where they left off from their day and keep their creativity flowing through ELP!

An intense round robin tournament of Battleship unfolds. 

Finally we have our new Games Galore workshop led by Andrea Tremols.  Andrea is no stranger to ELP but this is the first session she's led this chilled out board game based workshop.  Andrea brings a couple of games each workshop and let's the kids go at it.  So far games have ranged from Risk to Monopoly and Battleship to Yahtzee!  I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

That's it for this week but tune in soon for an update on our Comics Club and Lights, Camera, Action workshops that will be back next Friday.

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