Friday, March 17, 2017

From Comics to Cinema: A Look At Two New Workshops at Robinson

It was a wild week with the Blizzard Stella keeping us home on Tuesday and Wednesday for 48 hours of snowy bliss.  We lost some good workshop time but I for one was psyched to get the first big storm of season before the spring fully hits.  Our workshops were in full swing today, our busiest day of the week with 34 kids signed up for 4 awesome workshops.  I wanted to profile two in particular that really blew me away today.

David gets real with his super hero.
The first is Matt Senecal's Comic Club that meets in Frank Spina's classroom (thanks Frank!)  Matt has a rep around town as the comics guy and he has really given these young aspiring artists a base from which to leap into their worlds of super heroes and dastardly villains.  His students have taken to creating their own characters while learning how to string continuous panels of drawing together in a way that makes sense.  I can't say enough about workshops like this one that incorporate so many different skills into one class.  We really appreciate Matt taking the time to share his passion for comics with the kids.
A circle of artists swap some ideas and techniques.
Next up we have Shawn Kimball and his Lights, Camera, Action workshop that gets kids'creative juices flowing down in the art room (thanks Eileen!)  These kids have so many ideas for their first big movie that it's tough to narrow it down to a few good plot twists.  So far there are cyborgs, vampires, clowns, werewolves, and mad scientists all in this creepy but funny thriller.  So stay tuned for the trailer at the end of this session!

Shawn keeps the movie brainstorm rolling with his crew.

Although I'd love more snow I hope we have a full week next week so all our awesome workshops have time to create more memories.  So check back in next Friday for your next ELP update and we'll see you then!



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