Monday, March 6, 2017

Session 4 Kicks Off!

Greetings from Beeman! 

We had a great kick off to our fourth session of ELP last week. We have a crew of 18 girls in grades 3-6 who are participating in Girls on the Run this year. Our curriculum for GOTR does not start until the week of March 20th so we are spending these first three weeks together team building. Courtney Allenson is guest teaching for the first two weeks and leading us in a variety of awesome jewelry projects. Girls last week made hand painted animal pendants for silver necklaces, rubber band braided bracelets, dollar bill rings and gemstone rings. It has been so fun to bond the team through these awesome and creative projects that Courtney has shared with us.

Also debuting last week was a cooking club with Middlebury College mentor Erjzsie Nagy. Students in grades K-3 are working together to learn about healthy snacks that they can learn to prepare for themselves and their families. They made apple smiles last week and will be making hidden veggie smoothies this week. 

Shawn Kimball is joining us on Thursdays for a part two of his film club. Students were eager to see Shawn again and he has a collection of new and past students. They began work on animation last week and will be working on their own videos this week using chrome books. Stay tuned for more pictures :)

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