Thursday, April 20, 2017

Get Outside!

Greetings from Beeman!

We have been absolutely THRILLED with the warming temperatures and sunny skies. Both Girls on the Run and Outdoor Club have been  getting outsides and enjoying all of the beauty that surrounds our wonderful school. Students in outdoor club worked on getting to know one another last week through fun and high energy games such as Spud. This week they began working on outdoor camping skills, students worked collaboratively to pitch tents and problems solve tricky situations that sometimes arise when setting up camp.

In Girls on the Run we have been working to improve ourselves physically, emotionally and socially. There has been a great emphasis on empathy and friendship in the past week where we have spent time thinking about ways we can be more empathetic to people that frustrate us. We have also further explored what makes an ideal friend and what qualities we should see to embed in ourselves to also be good friends. The team is doing an impressive job of setting personal lap goals for themselves and really pushing themselves during conditioning work. Many girls have already worked up to holding a plank for 1 minute or more and are enthusiastic for core work and squats, what AWESOME habits to establish at a young age!

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