Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A geat finish to a great year!

Last Friday marked the end of ELP's 2016-2017 year
We have had so much fun this year it is hard to remember it all! Ballet, mindfulness, animation, self expression, mini marketers, mad scientists, basketball, games, and senses, it was all so amazing! One thing is for sure, we had so much fun learning that we forgot we were learning. Thank you to all who participated in our wonderful program!

 Learning Japanese

Tai Chi





Doodle Art



Recycled Art



Mad Science





Even though our school year is over the fun and learning will continue this summer. The Expanded Learning Program will re-open this July with more exciting opportunities. This year we are excited to introduce a new robotics and technology section. Robotics will be joined by wellness, literacy & art, and culture. This summer program is not to be missed!!!

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