Monday, May 22, 2017

Fun in the Sun :)

Beeman is thrilled with all of the warm weather!! We love that every day we are able to get outside and move our bodies in a space that is so beautiful and well cared for.

In GOTR we have begun really seriously training for our 5K. Girls have been working hard independently, even on weekends, doing conditioning work and running with mothers, sisters, and more. Lots of girls share that they have also been taking their love of the conditioning work we do to their homes. Many girls are doing sets of 30 squats, one minute planks in various formations, and as many as 30-40 push ups in a practice. GREAT work girls (and families)! 

Outdoor club has spent time exploring the woods, building forts, identifying flowers, tress, leaves and insects. They also spend a great deal of time moving around and perfecting their skills as a team. One of the natural lessons that has emerged from the K-3 group is that because there is such diversity in ages there is an opportunity for teaching, mentorship and practice that doesn't always exist when students are all the same age. This week students will get back to survival skills and exploring more in the woods and with our outdoor classroom. 

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