Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Read and Run

K-2 students at LCS have been enjoying Sabrina's "Read and Run" workshop every Monday and Wednesday.  Each day. students are treated to hearing several storybooks read aloud to them.  The books selected are based on themes, and include morals.  Students then play games or do activities related to the books.  It's a great combination of stillness and movement for this age group!

Students read the book Castaway Cats by Lisa Wheeler, and then were given the challenge of crossing the "lake" with "stepping stones".  Each person gets one stepping stone, each stepping stone can hold only one person, and everyone needs to get across.  These first and second graders figured out how to do it.  Can you?!

Students practiced "untangling" themselves from a human knot!

Students read a modern version of  The Tortoise and the Hare, and then went outside to reenact the race, taking turns being the tortoise and the hare.  That way everyone was a winner!

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