Thursday, March 27, 2014

We had another great day at the Bristol 21st Century Learners Program!  Our cooking students made super yummy banana muffins from scratch!  Check out those smiling faces!

      Our Super Hero Comics workshop students began to create their super heroes today!!! We can't wait to share the finished comic books with you all!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Students at Robinson began their four week workshop called, "From Sap to Syrup" today.  As would be expected, students will be learning all about the process of turning sap into syrup, but they will also be learning about how to navigate websites efficiently.  Below are a few pictures of some of the students as they explore a website to learn basic information about tapping trees, followed by some "hands-on learning" as they actually tap a couple of maple trees.  And despite the chilly temperatures, the students were so excited to see--and taste!--the sap as it dripped out of the trees.  Hooray for spring!

Students at Bristol Elementary School have become adept signers under the tutelage of Academic Enrichment Educators Erin Pomeroy and Sheree Rougier.  Through signing, students have been taught important concepts like assertion and inclusion.  In learning how to sign the song "True Colors," our K-3rd graders discussed the beauty of personal individuality and why bullying is harmful and painful.  Watch as our students express this eloquently through sign.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Taiko Drumming Finale!

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Nothing “beats” today for some of our 21st Century Learners in their finale of Taiko Drumming! With their official Taiko Drumming shirts on and bachi sticks in hand, they were creating some sensational BOOMS!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

¿Hablas español?

Students at Robinson have been busy learning Spanish through stories, art projects, activities, and songs.  Kerry Lake, Robinson's kindergarten teacher, has been sharing her knowledge of Spanish with these students, and they've been loving every minute of it!  Here are some of the students from her Spanish group sharing a song they learned called "Buenos Dias."  Adios!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stories in the Snow: Vermont Wildlife in the Winter

At Robinson Elementary in Starksboro we have a very exciting workshop running this session. As part of our Fieldstone Conservation Grant, we are running a 4 week Winter Tracking/Animal Habitats workshop with Medora Plimpton and Ruth Beecher. Students are exploring the world of Vermont wildlife in winter. Each class they learn what animals are doing to adapt and survive the harsh northern weather. Students spend the majority of time outdoors finding clues to better understand the daily lives of our local feathered and furred inhabitants. Below are some pictures of students identifying tracks and recording what they see and find on tracking ID cards. Awesome!

Stay tuned for an update about the students recent trip to the Audubon Center!

Just an Ordinary Day at BES with Extraordinary Learning!

What a fun day observing all four of our incredible Session IV workshops at BES.  This session we have Scholars Club, Constellations Club, Taiko Drumming, and American Sign Language learning workshops happening after school every Tuesday and Thursday.  The learning and fun never ends at 21C. Check out the fun videos and photos below of our amazing students and fantastic educators. Way to go Century Learners!

 Students in our Scholars club work on completing home work assignments and learning study skills and strategies. ( here are two students along with Soren, our awesome high school volunteer- far right)

 Our outstanding Scholars Club leader, Jackie Raymond helping a student.

 Taking a study break to pose for the camera!
 Our star gazers explore our vast solar system in Constellation Club. 

 Our stellar signers demonstrate their favorite ASL sign with their fantastic educators Erin and Sheree!

 Here the students sign the word " Firework".
 Here at 21C, we just want to bang on the drum all day! Taiko drummers learn drum patterns and techniques with Deb Rickner. Those are handmade drums! Pretty awesome!
 Students watch carefully to learn proper drumming technique.

Monday, March 10, 2014

BES Ukelele

San Gordon taught an excellent Ukelele workshop during Session 3 at BES. Here are a few pictures of the students learning basic chords, and playing. One of our students couldn't help but sing and sing the whole class while she strummed and made up her own song with the Ukelele. We love to see that kind of excitement and creativity in our 21C Workshops!

Here is San, our fearless leading demonstrating a chord! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bristol Sign Language K-3

For the past few sessions, Erin Pomeroy and Sheree Rougier have been offering an excellent American Sign Language Workshop for K-3rd graders at BES. Students learn songs, the alphabet, colors, get-to-know-you phrases, and lots more during this workshop. Here is a video of students on the first day of Session 3 in January. Look how much they have already learned on the first day!

The students learned to sign the words to the song "Firework" which helped students identify and connect school day themes of diversity, acceptance, and tolerance.  Students then performed the song for the entire school and parents at an Assembly on February 28th. Aren't they awesome?