Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wrapping Up Session 3

Well, it’s that time again… The time when we wrap up and ELP session and reflect on all of the AMAZING learning and community that occurred over the past six weeks. Film club wrote, produced, planned, performed, and filmed several movies this session.  The outdoor club braved many fierce winter adventures in the snow. Speaking to any of them they have a variety of Macgyver-like ideas  to survive and thrive in any winter disaster ;)
Enjoy the photos, I feel like they really say the most.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blog Quickie: Student Choice & Voice at Monkton

Today, students in grades K-6 who are participating in Mrs. Kuzio's wildly popular "Minute to Win It!" workshop were taking a break from the fast-paced, adrenaline rush that they are used to. Instead, they were researching other MTWI games that they would like to play during the last two days of Session 3.

This led sixth grader Maia J., who is on the MCS Student Council, to come up with an idea for a schoolwide event. Maia plans to bring her suggestion of different MTWI challenges in all nine of the different homerooms for a fun fair before April Break to the Student Council, which meets on Thursdays in Mrs. Gagner's room. Let's wait and see if this plan hatched at ELP can bring joy to the entire MCS community!

Stay tuned!

Monday, February 13, 2017

        Mid Session at Bristol

This time in our workshops tends to be the sweet spot for every body.  We are a few weeks in and it is so fun to watch the students hit a comfortable stride. They are settling into their most creative and expressive selves and it is showing!!!

Shawn Kimbal is leading a film workshop where the children wrote, and are now performing in their own feature film. The excitement is palpable!!!!!

Across the hall Kristi Bedard is leading a Reuse, Recycle, Create art class where the students use recycled materials to let their imagination run wild. Cities are being built, games are being created, there is even a few fairy houses being built!

In the library, sounds of the violin are beginning to take shape. These students have been working very hard on their form and tone. Catch them for a short performance this Friday at 2:10pm at our monthly Celebration of Learning!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Wonder of Watercolors

Students at LCS have been busy watercoloring this winter!  We have been reading several books by Holly Hobbie, including Toot & Puddle, where the brave and daring Toot travels around world and writes home to tell his best pal Puddle all about his wonderful adventures.

Students were asked to think of an adventure that they have been on to create their own "Adventure Painting"!  Some of their adventures include sliding down the slides at Jay Peak water park, going down the slide at Button Bay State Park for the first time, exploring a hot tub at a hotel, and many, many more!  (Can you tell that we are dreaming of warmer weather?!)  

Students practiced sketching their outlines first with pencil, going over their lines with Sharpie, and then filling it in with watercolors.  Students shared their completed pieces with each other and had the chance to ask questions or give comments.

Next project, "Animal Painting"...!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Catching Up at Beeman

We have been up to all kinds of fun and interesting work this past week. Students in the outdoor club have been working to secure a safe bridge for them to travel over after being stranded again in the wilderness! Outdoor club has really enjoyed practicing their tracking and camouflage skills in the woods. This group has proved some amazing stamina for braving the cold temperatures and problem solving through their various challenges that group leader Jared  Danyow throws their way. 

In film club students have been working hard to film their various movie projects. Last week an awesome parent took the time to guest star, with the family dog, in one of the films. Students have coordinated various props, costumes and commentary to make their films as fun and engaging as possible. It has been incredible to watch the fluency with which students are now handling the camera equipment.