Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Session two is underway at Bristol Elementary, and students are immersed in a variety of activities.  Last week I was fortunate to be able to observe three out of the five amazing workshops being offered this session.  Check out the pictures of the clowning, cooking, and yoga workshops!

Two brave students lay side-by-side on the mat, as their peers preform amazing feats over them, including jumping, somersaults, round-offs, and cartwheels!  Students then get the chance to build and practice their juggling skills.  Emphasis is placed on form, in order to build the muscle memory and control needed for juggling.  In this workshop students are challenging themselves while building confidence and trust in themselves and their peers. And just look at the teamwork involved in cleaning up the mats!

This workshop was in such high demand that there are actually two groups being offered this session!  In one group, students are in the kitchen making Orange Fluff  (some of the ingredients include cool whip, jello mix, and marshmallows- yum!)  In the other group students are talking about the importance of measurement, and have the opportunity to practice comparing and measuring different amount of rice. Following directions (a.k.a. recipes) and measurement are two of the many skills that are being practiced in this workshop!


Students are learning and practicing several yoga postures, including "downward dog" and "table".  The blocks are used in a movement activity, where students are asked to place the block on different parts of their body, or stand and balance on the block (as seen below). The body awareness developed through games and a variety of activities makes this workshop engaging for the students.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Robinson ELP Program is Super Popular!

The Robinson Expanded Learning Program is so popular we're unable to take everyone. Our first session of workshops included African Dance, Quilt Making and Cooperation Through K'nex.  Students worked hard in all three workshops and produced some amazing final products.  Check out some of their hard work below!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ranger Rachel's Nature Club and Scholar's Club

November 6, 2014

Check out the exciting projects happening in Ranger Rachel's Nature Club!  Students multi-task between creating wood-burned walking sticks, studying VT State Parks, and creating their own compasses!

In Scholar's Club, students finish up working on their math homework and continue their study of the Oregon Trail.  Be sure to check out their display in the hallway!



Session two will be starting on November 18, and will include workshops in Cooking, Yoga, Culture Club: China, Scholar's Club, and Clowning!

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

The first session of the Expanded Learning Program is in full swing at Bristol Elementary school!  We are offering four exciting workshops; Culture Club: China (K-3), Culture Club: Japan (3-6), Ranger Rachel's Nature Club (2-4), and Scholars' Club (4-6).  Last week I was able to document some of the fun/learning that was happening in both Culture Clubs!  

In Culture Club: China, students are learning to create the /ur/ sound by pressing their tongue to the roof of their mouth.  They listened to the sound from an audio clip off of the internet, and also had a guest teacher  (an exchange student from China) demonstrate!  

 Students also learned how to write Chinese words!

 Lastly, students were able to sample moon cake, a Chinese treat!

A few rooms down, the students in Culture Club: Japan were learning to art of origami!  They were able to follow Chris's step-by-step instructions in order to create a pumpkin for Halloween!  After this, they created two box halves which fit together to make one box.  When asked how the walls stay up, one student remarked "I don't know.  They just do.  It's Origami Magic!"  When students were finished making their pumpkins, they glued them into a card, and Chris helped them write "Happy Halloween" in Japanese!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

As August fast approaches, we at the 21st Century Expanded Learning Program are winding down our summer academic enrichment offerings and looking toward the bright horizon of the upcoming school year.  But before we close one door and open another, we'd like to reflect a bit on our summer:

OUR SUMMER.  Our summer at Robinson, Bristol, and Beeman Elementary Schools has been built upon the backs of great adventure books, simple machines, Red Clover read-alouds, and rockets.  With fifty students from the Addison Northeast school district, we've dissected tennis balls, traveled imaginatively to Hawaii, built volcanoes and erupted with observations.  Sharks have been on our mind, so has the concept of "infinity."  We've set reading goals and met them.  We've sent postcards.  We've enjoyed healthy snacks, bouncy bus rides and learning.  Learing. Learning.  And more learning.  The type that is nearly imperceptible.  So natural that it feels less like work and more like, well, fun.

But we're only just getting started.  Stay tuned!  The school year is right around the bend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bristol's Culminating Performances

We had some great performances last Thursday by our Bristol students. These students were excited to show parents and community members the new skills they have acquired this session. Enjoy these videos of our learners (and parents!) having a blast.

African Dance

 Students rehearse and put on costumes before parents arrive for the show.


Parents had fun participating in the yoga final project:

Scholars Club and Magic Tricks

Busy Bees at Beeman!

Our learners at Beeman Elementary have been very busy this session.

Here our scholar's club students take a quick break from learning to get out their wiggles.

Students in our Portraits workshops make fantastic and creative portraits of themselves and others. Here are some students showing off their beautiful pieces of art: