Friday, January 27, 2017

A Short One But A Good One

It was a short week this week because of an in-service day on Monday for teachers and our first snow day (or should I say ice day) of the year.  The kids were rarin' to go on Wednesday and channeled there energy into some really cool projects.

Some highlights this week include the making of a paper mache dragon head in Shawn Kimball's Behind The Scenes.  They're leaving us in suspense as to why they need a dragon head and what their future movie is all about but the beginnings of such an epic creation were fun to witness.

Margot Schips and her Knitting Workshop got some of her knitting crew forming custom slippers and they're taking their needles and yarn home with them to keep working in their free time.  That is what ELP is ALL ABOUT!  We're so psyched to see these kids take off with a new hobby.

Finally Grace Freeman's Magic of Science got their hands dirty yet again and made some stellar silly puddy.  The kids could really not stop working it into the perfect consistency.

So although the week was short we packed it full of fun and are excited for a full schedule next week.  Until then enjoy these photos and have a great weekend!

Grace Freeman has her young scientists create custom silly puddy!

A young star gazer crafts a telescope to pick out constellations in the night sky in Constellations and Myths!

The cozy setting of Beginner Chess has kids focused on their next move.

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