Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art and Nature Workshop at Lincoln's ELP

Students participating in the Art and Nature workshop at LCS have been enjoying studying their beautiful surroundings through the eyes of an artist.  We started the workshop with a watercolor study of the gorgeous fall leaves, where students created several resists using crayon and watercolor to create colorful leaves.

We took advantage of the warm, sunny weather that we were fortunate to have so late into the fall by making sun art.  Students gathered leaves, sticks, ferns, and rocks to use in their pieces.  They arranged them onto the paper and then let the sun do it's work.  After 5 min, the students rinsed their pieces in water and were left with the silhouettes of their creations.  Students were amazed and delighted to witness the magic of solar paper!

We have just started studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy, the environmental artist.  He is famous for creating art out of natural materials, including some very inspirational stone work.  After looking at some of his work and talking about cairns, students went to the river bank to create their own cairns.  Students worked in groups of two and three to form their creations.

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