Thursday, July 31, 2014

As August fast approaches, we at the 21st Century Expanded Learning Program are winding down our summer academic enrichment offerings and looking toward the bright horizon of the upcoming school year.  But before we close one door and open another, we'd like to reflect a bit on our summer:

OUR SUMMER.  Our summer at Robinson, Bristol, and Beeman Elementary Schools has been built upon the backs of great adventure books, simple machines, Red Clover read-alouds, and rockets.  With fifty students from the Addison Northeast school district, we've dissected tennis balls, traveled imaginatively to Hawaii, built volcanoes and erupted with observations.  Sharks have been on our mind, so has the concept of "infinity."  We've set reading goals and met them.  We've sent postcards.  We've enjoyed healthy snacks, bouncy bus rides and learning.  Learing. Learning.  And more learning.  The type that is nearly imperceptible.  So natural that it feels less like work and more like, well, fun.

But we're only just getting started.  Stay tuned!  The school year is right around the bend!

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