Monday, June 2, 2014

Okay, perhaps it is a bit presumptuous to trumpet our own accolades, but when it comes to enriching  ANESU's students, Maureen and I are loud and proud.  And since we weren't able to offer an acceptance speech (haha) at last Thursday's awards night after receiving an ANESU Education Recognition Award in appreciation for our special contribution in educational excellence, we will use our blog as our platform now:

It goes without saying that Maureen and I would like to thank every administrator, teacher, professional, and parent that has supported the 21st Century Extended Learning Program.  A lot goes on behind the scenes, but it is during our on-site visits when we are able to observe and participate in high-quality, engaging, challenging and affirming academic workshops that we are swept off our feet weekly and reminded why we love what we do!  So thank you.  Thank you for providing opportunities for our students to thrive beyond the school day.  Thank you for tapping into your heart and soul as you develop workshops connected so slyly to the Common Core and the school day that even our most perceptive students don't detect the deep level of academic learning taking place.  Not that we have anything against academic learning.  On the contrary, we believe!  But our students are soaring precisely because their learning is so skillfully woven into their engagement. Dare I say, their fun?   

And thank you, Anne Gleason.  Thank you for nominating us!  Your discernment is uncanny when you write, "(Mandy and Maureen) discussed, de-vised, re-vised and supervised, and probably laughed a lot when they might have felt less-than-perfectly satisfied."  And thank you for noting that we "have been exactly what was called for - a working model of cooperation, collaboration and commitment."

This is when we wave our certificates high above our heads and weep a little.

Thank you.  Thank you!

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