Thursday, April 17, 2014

Games Galore!

On Tuesday, the Games Galore participants became the teachers. Prior to heading to the RASY after school program, we reviewed some of our favorite games and practiced how to teach the rules and procedures. Each child picked 2 games that he/she wanted to teach and then gathered the necessary materials. Once in the gym, RASY kids traveled around the tables and played the games that our kids were teaching. Examples of games being taught were " Capture Four," a math game in which participants identify missing addends in math equations, "Homophone Memory," and "Dinosaur Ladders," a game for kindergartners in which they compare number values. Other favorites were " Bump," "Parts of Speech Cupcakes," "Bananagrams," and "Roll a Word."  On Thursday, our last day of Games Galore, we played a group game of jeopardy. Correct answers allowed kids to "shop" for games. Each participant went home with a shopping bag full of games they could play at home with their families.

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