Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beeman ELP: Session 1

Greetings From Beeman!

 Beeman is so excited to be hosting it's own ELP program again this year! We have been so lucky to have two amazing teachers leading some really great workshops. 

Andrew Flood is a 4-6 teacher at Beeman and he is leading a scrabble and chess club. Students are working to learn both games and improve their strategic thinking, students in grades 4-6 are participating in this workshop. One of my favorite parts about the time I have spent  in this session is listening to the conversations students have had about sportsmanship. The support they have shown each other has been truly heartwarming to see. 

 Emily Erwin is leading a Spanish club, it has been so wonderful to see students singing, speaking, and listening to this beautiful language. Emily brings many great elements to her teaching, she leads dances, songs, and games that are engaging and playful. One of the greatest things about this session has been the overflow into our regular school day. Students are sharing with their peers all of the great language they are learning and students are practicing what they do with Emily at recess in their school day, so cool!

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