Monday, October 31, 2016

Greetings from Bristol ELP!

 We are full speed ahead with our first session of workshops.  The Tai-Chi movements are becoming fluid, the Intro to Japanese students are counting, naming colors, and playing games all in Japanese! The set designs are getting bigger and more elaborate and the ballerinas are plieing!

We are having so much fun watching the growth that is happening here at ELP. Not only are the students engaged with their workshops they are engaging with each other, forging friendships with people they don't see during their regular school day. It is such a pleasure to witness all the hard work these students are putting forth in their workshops and with each other! Thank you parents for helping this all happen!

A budding Caligrapher learning to use past techniques. Creating letters with a Quill and ink.

Introduction to Japanese students practicing their characters


Tai Chi student learning the 'Push Dance'


Ballet, learning the positions.

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