Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Adventures, relaxation, and ELP at LCS!

The ASP kids in Lincoln have been greatly enjoying the beautiful weather we've continued to have since the beginning of the month. Although it gets darker and colder earlier now, we have still been able to run around outside until nearly 4:30 each day. Of course, there have been some rainy days that have trapped us indoors, but we always find something to keep ourselves occupied with!

Hard at work building and painting wooden structures!

We have also been making sure to incorporate relaxation and quiet time during our after school day. The blue mats are a key element for this time, and the kids love making triangular forts to read and rest inside.

November has also brought us the second session of the Expanded Learning Program, which happens to be the first session at LCS. We are lucky to have our own Cathy doing yoga with K-3, and tae kwon-do with Elliot for K-6. Looking forward to seeing the pictures Amber has been taking!

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