Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BES Warming up to our great workshops

    As fall flies by we are busy getting the new workshops set for our next session which begins on November 9. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned so be on the lookout.
    As the kids settle into their workshops their smiles get bigger and they seem to be having a great time. 
What could be better than baking with Bertha on a nice cool fall afternoon.

   Homesteading keeps you warm as you prepare for the long winter ahead, canning pickles making jelly and much more. 

   Can't beat warming up to some African drumming and dancing.

   Nothing can warm you up fast like working your brain in the scholars club. 

   Chinese club are on a roll and warming up to a new language and culture. 

   Kids are bundling up to enjoy the fall leaves and the outdoor beauty, in the  Get Outdoors workshop. Making mobiles out of found objects from outside. Sticks leaves and more. 

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