Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Lights are On and the Kids School!

The Lights are ON....

On Wednesday, October 21st we joined in with the Afterschool Alliance and opened our doors for parents and the community to come visit the ELP workshops. It was the 16th year of a nationwide movement to highlight the amazing work done by educators and community members to enhance student's lives and learning in an afterschool setting. Research has proved that students who participate in afterschool enrichment are improving their lives not only in the realm of education but at home as well. Please check out Afterschool Alliance's research page to see for yourself!

Our K-2 group is VERY busy practicing for their presentation of, "The Very Cranky Bear." We will be performing at MARS on November 11. Please drop by at 8:00 am to support the kids! We took a break today to take a walk to visit Cinnamon and her colt Buckwheat! Along the way we told stories about horses, they could be fiction or non-fiction. Each student had a turn to tell his or her story!

The science workshop is steaming ahead with their experiments. Most recently the students have experimented with static electricity and density. Students took blown up balloons and tried to pick up salt and pepper with the static electricity from the balloon. Students found it was easier to pick up pepper. Why? they asked. Carolyn led them through the reasoning behind density and static electricity!

The first session of workshops comes to an end on November 6. We start Session II on November 9 and the workshops will run through December 18. We have great workshops coming together. Check back next week for a line up of Session II!

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