Friday, July 8, 2016

Three Schools Meet at Monkton... Fun Ensues!


Summer Lunch Menu from ANESU Food Cooperative
Bristol BASK Schedule***

Monkton's first-ever summer expanded learning program is following in the footsteps of its successful school-year program with a great start to our five weeks together!

Our wonderful core staff Shelly Cota, Caitlin Gadhue, Phil Hall, Taylor Zimmer, and visiting specialist Charles "Mr. Wizard" Black have made the MCS ELP the place to be for students who attend Monkton, Lincoln, and Beeman elementary schools. We are also grateful to Steve and Isaac, the MCS custodial team, for making sure that our learning spaces were clean and ready for the Tuesday start.

"Anyone who doesn't like math should come here, where it's fun." --sixth grader

Inside the STEM workshops the kids have worked with shapes, symmetry, and math facts. We started off the week exploring the shapes that naturally occur around the beloved Monkton Pond. After our geometric discoveries we discussed what symmetry was and created our very own symmetric art pieces using plants and other pieces of nature we collected. We then ended our week playing some math fact racing games and some addition connect four. All in all we had a great time getting to know each other while exploring some fun math topics! Can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store!

We had a great first week of wellness here at MCS. We have started every workshop by reflecting on the food that we have eaten throughout the day. We place our breakfasts into categories (grains, proteins, dairy, etc.) and discuss the ways in which these foods are used to fuel our bodies. Based on the past week of sharing, our kiddos have been eating really well! It has been a very active week in wellness as well. We have learned new games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag and completed personal fitness challenges based on individual goals. We have shared our favorite stretches and warm ups with each other, hiked to the pond, and had a chance to draw some of our favorite activities. We even had an awesome dance party with first and second grade group! It was a wonderful week of learning and having fun, we are excited for week number two!

Literacy workshops also explored the beautiful area of Monkton Central School. We visited the pond, read stories about frogs and made our journals for this summer adventure. We also spent time working in the school garden, harvesting kale and basil and working together to make a super batch or delicious pesto. We wrote the recipe in our journals, listed the steps we took to make our pesto, and enjoyed it as a special treat at our Friday lunch all together!

"Are we going to play science next?" --first grader

The Week One gang poses for a group shot after our Friday kickball game.
Our workshop leaders have decided to create a one-room schoolhouse (ORSH) on Fridays, where we will have an array of multiage activities that our whole crew can participate in together. We are very excited at this new way of looking at teaching and learning all ages! We started today with a whole-group kickball game and it was a blast. Look forward to more news about ORSH Fridays!

Enrollment is robust with new faces joining every day. If you are interested in sending your student, please contact Kate La Riviere Gagner at

"I like coming to summer camp. There's always something new." --third grader

***Please note! Bristol BASK is only open to families who have made all of the prior arrangements with the Mary Johnson Children's Center. ANESU ELP paperwork is for our 8am-12pm program only!

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