Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Session One Winds Down at Beeman

This week we are winding down our first ELP session of the year at Beeman. It has been a great feeling to observe these workshops and watch their evolvement over the past five weeks. Both groups have gained new skills and a renewed confidence in their ability to do something new. I can truly say that each student has enjoyed their time at ELP and that they have learned or honed skills that they will carry with them beyond the workshops. That in and of itself has been great to see.

Students will celebrate together with a culminating celebration on Thursday in honor of their time together. The Spanish students spent today making a piƱata and papel picado (stencil cutout banners) to decorate for our fiesta. The K-3 Spanish group has invited the 4-6 Chess and Scrabble club to come downstairs and share with us their learning and participate in our celebration. The K-3 group is especially looking forward to showing the 4-6 crew how to have a dance party to Spanish music.

As session one comes to a close we at Beeman are very grateful to have had such wonderful instructors, Andy Flood and Emily Irwin, for our first session. They have both truly enriched the experiences of students at Beeman Elementary and we look forward to hopefully having both of them again. In the meantime we are gearing up for session two that will begin next week! Stay tuned for more great things from the students of New Haven

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