Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter in Lincoln equals...

...sledding! It's much easier to transition back from vacation when you have sleds, perfect sledding snow, and a great sledding hill - which we here at LCS are lucky enough to have! We begin each ASP day with our outside time, and the majority of students opt to spend most (if not all) of that time whizzing down the hill, running back up, and repeating the cycle over and over.

Another popular outdoor option these days is fort building. We take snow fort construction very seriously here at LCS. On this day, everyone involved had a specific job to do to ensure speedy (yet well-done!) construction, so that there would be enough time to play before heading inside. Unfortunately, winter also equals less outside time - but we make the most of it!

Those of us who choose to stay inside on these chilly January days have fun too. Lately, students have been really enjoying the game Headbandz, where you wear a plastic headband with a little clip for a card to fit into, and ask other players yes or no questions to guess what card you have. We have also been enjoying our new sets of markers, along with beautiful coloring pages courtesy of Cathy. 

January has also brought some sad news - we are no longer graced with the wonderful presence of Amy at ASP. We know she is going on to do amazing things and we are proud of her, but we miss her already! It will be difficult to replace Amy, but we will do our best to find another team member who enjoys coloring as much as she does!

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