Friday, March 17, 2017

Beeman: Snowed in but Having FUN :)

It has been another wonderful week here at Beeman! We were definitely disappointed dot see all of the snow as it will put our outdoor running plans on hold... BUT we are excited to be together and moving and bonding over jewelry and exercise indoors :) Last week we wrapped up jewelry making, the girls made customized leather bracelets and worked on some basic jewelry making know-how in relation to making both necklaces and bracelets. The girls are all now able to confidently use wire, clasps, pliers, crimp beads and jump rings to create their gorgeous pieces. One of the coolest projects we worked on was morse code bracelets, the girls followed a basic morse code guide to create secret messages using beads on their bracelets or anklets, so COOL! 

Filming continues their work, they are currently working on a film that is hilarious and filled with great humor. The boys participating in this club are often planning and discussing the film at school and creating fantastical scenes and ideas in their off hours, I cannot wait to see the final product! 

Cooking was unfortunately canceled this week due to the weather, but next week they will jump back into the swing of planning, writing recipes and talking about food waste and how to responsibly take care of it. Last week the students made hidden veggie smoothies and made chef hats to wear while whipping up their healthy snacks at home.

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