Thursday, March 30, 2017

Catching Up With Girls On The Run!

An Early Season Look At GOTR

Girls On The Run is back for another season and we have 22 awesome girls signed up this year, some as seasoned GOTR veterans and others as first time runners.  We have an amazing coaching team headed by Bristol resident Melanie Lloyd.  She is backed by Ruth Beecher and Koran Cousino on Mondays and Emily Gibbs and Sue Bachand on Thursdays.  Could you ask for a better crew?  

Team GOTR will be gathering for lessons and runs every Monday and Thursday through June 5th, with a culminating 5K race on June 3rd up in Essex!  I am so impressed already that these girls are getting out there in still-winter conditions and getting after it!  

GOTR pairs run to the middle for some outdoor fun.

I got to sit in on Meditation and Mindfulness yesterday where an interesting TED talk started us off and a peaceful 5 minute meditation ended the day.  Grant has a great way with these kids and is doing an awesome job giving them new tools to help them with life's challenges. 

Grant drops some wisdom on his students.

Finally the Games Galore crew, guided by Jedi Andrea Tremols, is  absolutely crushing Settlers of Catan.  Their intricate trades and crafty building strategies have catapulted them to advanced players.  

The Settlers in action!

Sadly we have no school tomorrow, and thus no ELP, so we'll miss out on Friday workshops but check back in next week and I'll give you an update on 'em.


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