Monday, March 27, 2017

Goofy Fun At ELP

This transition into spring is always an interesting time.  Kids are raring to be outside but those wet, rainy, sleeting days keeps us trapped indoors!  Luckily we have some wonderful ELP Leaders who kept these kids entertained during a cold wet week.

Icicle awesomeness!
This week saw the Meditation and Mindfulness workshop conduct two long meditation practices, one ten minutes and the other thirty!  I have been so impressed by the participants of this workshop and their willingness to give such a hard practice a full shot. Hopefully they will take it upon themselves to teach their parents a daily practice.

I really like what's been going on in Jodi McLeod's Dive Into Art this past week.  She has the kids using the skills they already know and adding some new techniques that they can experiment with.  Check out some of the projects they worked on last week.
They made the hair by blowing through a straw at a puddle of paint!

Calvin shows us the results of his stencil.
Adrianna and Annabelle hard at work on their stencils.
Jayden gives me a sneak peak of the beginning of his latest castle creation.
That's all I've got for this week.  Check back in to see how the last week in March went down.


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